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Do you want to write for profit? Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? With the right skills you can generate a nice income from the comfort of your home.

Whether your goal is to write for profit or you have an interest in working as an editor, you can make it happen!

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One of the most basic building blocks of online success is that of quality writing skills. If you have the fundamental knowledge needed to use a computer and put sentences together in a way that is interesting and informative, then this membership can provide you with a treasure trove of details that will help you hone your skills so you can make money. Your membership at Write For Profit is available for a one-time fee and your online writing education will include everything from article writing basics to how to build a business based on your writing skills.

The Write For Profit membership is as beneficial for experienced writers as it is for newcomers. Whether you only write for yourself or you want to add a stream of income by providing writing services for others, you will find information about methods that really work. You will gain access to excellent writing tips and strategies that will help you quickly succeed. This membership provides information that can be used in any niche and in writing any type of content.

The advice provided at Write For Profit is based on years of first-hand experience, research, and of course, lots of lessons from the school of hard knocks! I want to help streamline your course to success. Not just anyone can write, but if you learn some basic skills and use the strategies taught at Write For Profit, you will be prepared to pursue a career as an online writer.

Here’s What The Course Can Do For You:

  • You will gain the confidence needed in tackling even the most difficult types of writing projects; this means you can save outsourcing fees or even develop a writing service of your own!
  • Because you will learn the right way to handle online writing tasks, your writing will become more effective; this results in increased conversion rates and more profits!
  • Every time your name is associated with content you will be adding to your credibility. Your positive reputation will grow as you perfect your writing skills.
  • You can gain recognition as an authority in your niche. Your products, services, and offers will be sought after. Should you create a business around writing services you can easily charge premium rates.
  • The articles, ebooks, and other content will keep you on the cutting edge of new strategies and techniques. You can stay ahead of your competition.

What You’re Going to Get:

It’s no surprise that people want to know exactly what they will be getting before they spend hard-earned cash. When you purchase a Write For Profit membership you will quickly see that it is very different from other online writing courses and membership websites. While the membership fee is very affordable, this writing information is top-notch. It is the best course available for helping you learn about the various types of online writing techniques and needs.

Below you will see a list of the topics included in the membership and farther down the page you can read details about these items. There is not another course like this one available anywhere. This is because Write For Profit is based on my personal online writing experience and research. The content is updated as needed. The reality is, some strategies may change as time goes by, but quality content will always be king!

Debbie AllenLet me introduce myself. My name is Debbie Allen and Write For Profit is my way of giving back to others. I have been writing online for profit for years now and I have carved out a place for me, a way to make money with my writing skills. But it took some time to build the skills and learn the necessary facts that helped me get to this point. Initially I struggled to perfect my online writing skills and I also dealt with hurdles in finding clients willing to pay me what I knew my writing was worth. By trial and error, research and experience, and by taking advice from some very wise mentors, I have learned a lot. Over the years I have written thousands of articles, countless ebooks and reports, and I have published several books at Amazon. My work is my passion. I am an editor for a major content provider and the owner of several websites. All of this is possible for you too!

The Learning Modules are based on methods and strategies that I actually use. I know the techniques work if they are applied. If you want to work from home writing for profit, or you just want to hone your writing skills so you can do your own online writing, this membership can help you. Take a look at the list of what you will be getting when you purchase a Write For Profit membership:

The value and quality of this membership is excellent. Each category in the Membership Products is reviewed and added to periodically, this helps ensure the content is always up to date. You can count on it being useful now, next year, and the next, and the next!

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"Writing For Others Can Provide The Income You Need Now – Writing For Yourself Can Provide Long Term Profits!"

Write For Profit is dedicated to providing you with all the information needed to perfect your online writing skills. You will get information that covers the basics as well as more advanced techniques.

Anyone can write, but only quality online writing skills will result in the profits you deserve.

The website will be updated as needed and lifetime updates are included with your purchase.

You get immediate access to all content as it is added to the site; no matter what level you are starting at there is sure to be information that you will find useful.

Write For Profit will be a valuable resource that you will turn to again and again. You can have your own writing business up and running very quickly. You will learn how to price your services and which type of clients are willing to pay what you are worth. You will be writing for profit sooner than you dreamed possible. Imagine the thrill of earning a living online, from the comfort of your home. It is not a dream, you can make it happen. All you need is the right information – a guide to assist you. That is exactly what you will be getting with your membership to Write For Profit. With a single price you will have access to all you need to develop your writing skills and start building your business.

Learn online writing skills and enjoy writing for profit.

The information will be just as useful to you if your goal is not to write for others, but instead, only to learn how to create or enhance your own web content or use content marketing to promote your product or service. After all, everyone with an online presence uses written content in several ways. Writing effectively becomes much easier when you know more about what works and what doesn’t. From articles to ebooks, web content and more, it’s all covered here at Write For Profit.

The information is presented in a straightforward format. Each Learning Module focuses on a particular topic. You are in control of your learning. Study the Modules that you need and skim over the rest. You can relax in knowing that you will always have easy access to this information so you can come back to it anytime you need to.

If you would like to write for profit and work from home this online writing course is perfect for you. You will get information about the various types of writing services you can offer and how each one differs. You will learn what questions to ask a new client before you take on the project. You will even get information about how to set up your office, how to develop a business plan, and time management tips.

The Write For Profit membership is comprehensive and will continue to grow. It’s like getting a complete library of content related to online writing – all for the special low one time fee of $19.95! Don’t miss out; get started now before your competitors do – get started on your way to learning how to write for profit today!


Here's More Information About What's Included:

The Quick Start Guide – “A Step-by-Step Guide To Starting Your Own Writing Business" – this little guide is short and sweet, but very informative. It provides step by step instructions for learning how to write and how to create a service around that. Specific Learning Modules are referenced where appropriate. This is a great stand alone resource but when used in conjunction with the Learning Modules it is awesome! You will know exactly how to go about setting a writing business up and how to provide excellent online writing products. This little guide can be your key to writing for profits!

Below you will see a listing of the current Learning Modules. The Modules are the Core of the program. You can see the topics covered below. New Modules and new subject content will continue to be added. Below the Module listing you will see the remaining categories offered at Write For Profit.

Module 1 —– Introduction
Income Potential
Mind Set

Module 2 —– Writing Basics

Module 3 —– Your Business Basics
Setting Up A Blogger Blog
PayPal Buttons

Module 4 —– Advertising & Promoting
Where & How

Module 5 —– Accepting An Order
Information to Give & Get

Module 6 —– SEO Tips
Keyword Research
Keyword Density

Module 7 —– Content Research
Note Taking

Module 8 —– Creating Titles
The Right Way

Module 9 —– Writing An Article
From Start To Finish

Module 10 —- Resource Box
About The Author

Module 11 Pt.1 – AutoResponder Series
An Introduction

Module 11 Pt.2 – AutoResponder Series
Email Marketing
The Money’s In Your List
Treat Your Subscribers Right

Module 12 —- Blog Posts
Keywords Used

Module 13 —- Press Releases
Newsworthy Articles

Module 14 —- Reports & Ebooks
Easy Product Creation

Module 15 —- Web Content
Informative & Interesting
Easy To Read Format

Module 16 —- PLR Content & Package
Another Stream of Income

Module 17 —- Your Business Plan
A Guide To Achieving Your Goals

Module 18 —- Time Management
Making Your Time Work For You

Module 19 —- Setting Up Your Office
Creating A Space That Inspires

Module 20 —- PLR
Complete Explanation

Module 21- Content Ideas
Thinking Outside The Box

Module 22- Copywriting
Respect people’s intelligence

Module 23-Therapeutic Writing
Write From The Heart

Module 24 – Writing An ‘About Me’ Page
Add A Photo
Include Related Credentials
Self Promotion
Get Personal

Module 25 – How To Install A WP Blog
WP Themes
WP Plugins

Module 26 – Are You A Writer Or A Wanna Be?
Writing is a passion
What education is required?
Professional – How do you know?

Module 27 – Publishing Your Book To Amazon
Titles and Sub-Titles
Create Space

Module 28 – Content Mills
Should You or Shouldn’t You
Are They All The Same

Module 29 – Affiliate Marketing
Choosing A Niche

Membership Downloads – This category includes various digital books and reports, some of which are unique to this membership and others have been added because they provide excellent information. Writing for profit often means moving out of your comfort zone and doing things other than writing. And for that you will need additional resources. I have tried to provide as much of that as possible.

Tools & Resources – Whether you are a freelance writer or an Internet Marketer, you will need some tools to help you. This list can save you time and money – after all, when you are using your online writing skills to make money you want to save as much money as possible, that's why many of the items listed are free.

The site will continue to grow!


Hi, I’m Debbie Allen, the author and founder of this site. The information provided here is solid. It works if you apply it. In fact, I am so confident that you will love this information that I am giving you a 30 day 100% No Hassle, Satisfaction Guarantee. Put this information to work for 30 days – if you don't see an improvement in the effectiveness of your content and agree that this information will help you in your efforts to write for profit, I will happily refund your money.

See what subscribers are saying:

Hi Debbie,

Finally a program that delivers.  I don't know how much money I have spent in the past and got next to nothing.  Your program is fantastic.  You are one of the few online marketers that truly over delivers.

Thanks again for all you do for your members.

Nancy Moore

Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Debbie's Learn to write for profit gave me a real insight into writing as professional, this course takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to do it. And It's easy! Debbie explains, what to write, how to write it, where to post it and how to profit from it. Highly Recommended, Keep up the good work.

Mr Lee Price


Hello Debbie,
I recently bought this and have read it all….
This is priceless; a treasure trove of advice, lots of content No fluff. I have a feeling I'll be returning again and again to review at different stages of my writing.
Many thanks Debbie you've made me feel a little more confident that I can indeed write the stuff I need to do on my websites.



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